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About Marla Dawn

I am equipped to teach both Reiki & Yoga & am registered as a teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association. I am qualified in Jikiden Reiki & I teach USUI SHIKI RYOHO. My Master's training was completed in Glastonbury England & I was given my Master attunement within the inner stone circle of Stonehenge. My Yoga Teacher Training has been undertaken in Vernon, BC. 

I live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in the province of BC, known to some as the Garden of Delights. The valley is overflowing with wineries & orchards as well as majestic mountains & cooling lakes. I practice & teach Reiki & Yoga here at The Passionate Pause Reiki & Yoga Studio, enjoying every moment I spend sharing them with others.

My desire is to share these tools in a serene & restful atmosphere with people of all ages as they move towards well being & personal healing . Reiki & Yoga knit together in a wonderful & holistic fashion, with each complimenting the other. I am also wholly committed to the preservation & healing of this precious planet we share, in every way I possibly can.

I work with people who are experiencing an array of life changes & health issues, those who are seeking new physical & spiritual adventures, & others who are eager to expand their repertoire of skills for living a healthy lifestyle. As a teacher, it is delightful to watch the changes that people seek begin to be revealed as their self connection & joy blossoms with time & practiceI welcome the opportunity to assist you as you travel your path with the wonders of Reiki. & Yoga.


Marla Dawn



Location: Mable Lake Road, 


British Columbia,


Hours: Please see class schedules

Reiki:   By appointment only. 

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