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My current schedule class schedule is finally in place. Upcoming classes are posted here & I will be sending out notifications prior to the class regarding enrollment & a reminder the week before the class start date.  If you would like to be added to my mailing list, please send me an email.  Thank you for your interest & I hope to see you in a class soon.


45 Minutes    $65.00

60 Minutes     $90.00

90 Minutes     $110.00

120 Minutes    $140.00

Visa, Mastercard, Debit as well as e-transfers are all accepted.

Reiki First Degree Class

Date:      November 17, 2023

Time:      9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Place:     The Passionate Pause Reiki & Yoga Studio, Lumby, BC.

Fees:     $225.00


Reiki Second Degree Class

Date:      October 27, 2023

Time:      9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Place:     The Passionate Pause Reiki & Yoga Studio, Lumby, BC

Fees:     $265.00

 Both First Degree Reiki & the Second Degree are taught in one day. For more information concerning classes, or to register, please Connect with me via email.

Certificates will be supplied upon completion of the class.

All workbooks & materials are included in the course fees. You are encouraged to bring a journal or diary to take personal notes as you embark on your Reiki journey. Please bring your lunch & I will be providing nourishing snacks & beverages. Please advise me if you have an allergy concern, to be sure I have what is appropriate for everyone. 

For more information, or to register please contact

Marla at: e-mail

Reiki Share:

Arrangements for a Reiki Share time is in the planning stages for anyone who has attended and completed a Reiki class. The place, dates and times will be posted when the schedule is available.

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