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"Let me first say, that Marla is a concerned & intuitive practitioner.. She has helped me over these past years cope on many levels with my ongoing health problems. She is also a wonderful and caring teacher and I have started my next journey towards healing myself by taking my Reiki First Degree with her. Marla takes her time to listen and lets her students work hands on. This really helped my understanding and my confidence in exploring all aspects of this incredible healing modality.​" J. Forest

​"My husband Ron discovered he had liver cancer 5 years ago and became extremely ill. I was about to see first hand what Reiki could do. Ron always felt cold, had a great deal of pain and was suffering through chemotherapy as well. Marla invited us to come so she could administer Reiki to Ron, he was very sceptical at first & I think he went just to make me feel better. After his first session which was a lengthy appointment, he came home & slept for 6 hours. For his second appointment, he was dressed & ready & began having regular sessions from then on. He always came home feeling very relaxed, warm & comfortable. He would sleep and feel better for a much longer  time than usual after every Reiki session he had. Reiki brought him a great deal of relief. Marla cared for him with gentleness even attending him at Hospice House." J. Partington

​"Marla was my Doula for the birth of our daughters Aliyah, 12 years & Zoe, 6 years. Reiki was invaluable to me during Zoe's pregnancy & labour. I had a great deal of stress due to health issues during her pregnancy. Reiki has become a part of our lives & that of our young children. I am preparing to take her First Degree class this fall to learn to utilize Reiki for myself as well as with my family. Thanks.​​​" H. Aven

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