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Calming the Raging Storms of Stress with Reiki

I have recently been through a tumultuous 2 year period both personally & in my business life. Designing & building a new home, restructuring my business affairs, managing some health issues, as well as feeling the deep loss of a close personal friend, brought many challenges, responsibilities & what seemed a never ending barrage of needs, which I found myself under equipped to handle.  

I realized at a particularly overwhelming point in time, that although I could not be an expert in every field needed in business, or replace the hole left by the loss of a loved one, snap my fingers to come up with an answer to health issues & questions, I could rely on the Life Force Energy of Reiki. 

I consciously reached out to myself in a meditative way, setting aside precious little 15 minute & half hour times where I could retreat to allow Reiki to revitalize me through my self administered Reiki sessions. It was as if I had forgotten the path home to myself in all the busyness while juggling all the demands made on my time & resources. I realized I needed to refill my energy reserves & restore my ability to sort through & prioritize my time. Reiki proved to be the counter balance, clearing my vision, soothing my anxiety, & continuously working its unseen magic. 

 Once I began to incorporate a regular daily Reiki practice, as I had done before getting so busy, I found my coping skills & mechanisms began to reveal themselves in novel & refreshed ways. I was still in need of acquiring new skills, management techniques & a new network of people to help me with what I did not know how to do, however the crushing pressure I had been experiencing began to lessen & I had a renewed confidence in my ability to seek out for myself what was needed for my daily journey. We all possess areas we have developed in our personal & business lives that we have become adept at, yet there are other areas we venture into only to find we are at a total loss of how to deal with what presents itself, at even a basic level of competency. In these times, as I continue on my way, Reiki continues to be my companion, it is always available at a moments notice. No appointment needed. Namaste' 

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