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Reiki is a helping hand in times of fear & distress

     As I watched the updates from the Centre for Disease Control regarding the Corona Virus pandemic that has taken the world by storm, I felt the dismal, fearful energy seep like a vapour from the screen I was watching the announcements on, into my room & slowly settle over me. The words that were meant to reassure & calm me, did not have the desired effect on my mind & heart, instead it threatened to steal my security & all feelings of peace from me. 

     I spent my day off & on trying to regain my equilibrium, constantly managing my thoughts & the subsequent emotions they brought. I had to work to regain my mental & emotional balance. The very real threat that the virus brings is changing the population & challenging life on our planet without a doubt. The fear, panic & stress is burdensome & crippling as we are all eye witnesses of & the mass hysteria seen on the news & social media through out the world is startling. Watching it unfold, day after day, is bringing another form of devastation. The degrading of our immune systems, as well as our inner peace, our joy & our strength.

     I realized that all my efforts to mitigate the risks & the emotional damage control efforts I was engaged in, were consuming my energy & creating yet another issue within me to deal with. The issue was the loss of freedom I had previously had to enjoy my life. I had spent my entire day consciously dragging my mind from peering into some terrible imaginary future back into the present moment & then occasionally falling  head first into the past to ruminate on historical plagues. I felt as though I had time traveled all day & was thoroughly exhausted by it all.

     I determined I needed a plan, designed by me, for me, as a guidance system I could use to navigate this time we are in. I spent a couple hours & nailed down what I thought would be a decisive, safe & reasonable outline, which left me feeling much better than I had all day. 

     Yet the foreboding feeling seemed to have overtaken me in a way I couldn't put my finger on, meditating seemed strenuous & I knew that the only solution I could readily grasp right then was to lie down & administer Reiki to myself. I decided I would complete a whole body session & began at the top of my head, changing my hand positions intuitively. Within minutes I began to experience the warm, gentle, reassuring energy begin to wash away the leftover fear & anxiety of the day. As I continued to allow Reiki to flow through my hands into my body, my energy slowly started to shift, my mind began to release its grip on my body & my emotions smoothed while my breathing became relaxed. I found myself falling into an easy meditation where I began to reconnect to my core & the shattered energy was replaced with a cohesiveness that soothed me. When I was finished my session, I felt grateful & thankful for having the ability to lend myself a helping hand when I needed it. I did not need to go anywhere, I had direct access. A simple lifeline.

     So many times in my life since being introduced to Reiki, I have experienced the same restfulness, & restorative outcome as a result of bringing Reiki to myself or others. Reiki has proven to be invaluable every time, in every situation that I have accessed it. 

     I pray that you be encouraged in these times, that you can create a plan that will guide you with the help of our medical advisors & that we can engage in wholesome & uplifting ways to support & care for one another. My  thoughts are with everyone as we join hearts at this moment in time. With love & blessings, Marla Dawn

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