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Reiki is an Effective Way for Seeking Guidance

     During these past days as we are navigating a new way of living that seems to be limiting the possibilities available to us, I have found that Reiki has helped me to connect to the limitless amount of opportunities & possibilities that are in & around me at all times. 

     As I have been seeking new ways for me to go about my life, I have felt thankful & grateful that I can engage in my practice with Reiki as I seek the gentle guidance I require.        I have learned that making adjustments to my life on a daily basis  as we all do, always smooths out when I take time to ensure that I am being calmly objective, & in tune to my intuition.

     Everyday we all have a massive amount of data before us & situations we are facing which need our attention. For me sorting through the data & discarding what is not helpful, & weighing in on my core values as they apply to my decisions is a major factor for everything I encounter. From meeting the people who come into my life, to how to manage a business situation, the quietness I find within my practice helps me find the guidance I need.    

     Invitation is all that is needed to have Reiki come & help smooth the path we are on at any given moment. Sometimes the path opens up before us in a subtle way showing us the direction needed but  because of the subtleties we may well miss that direction as a divine source of counsel.  However, if we can stop & to tune in to our guidance system, we can then recognize what is being presented to us. Whether the answers we seek are subtle or obvious it is always easier to reflect on them from a place of quiet. Reiki can help to bring that space to listen.  Blessings, Marla Dawn


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